Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Why on earth did i choose Engineering?

Why on earth did i choose Engineering??

this is me right now 


I think it's because like maths... 

No nah shey bi is because i want to make my own car, aeroplane and change the world etc and unilag engineering be like

Shut up! Welcome to the faculty of engineering 


Then it all started in year one when you do an objective question and with the same answer

Acceleration due to gravity (A) 10ms-2 (B) 9.8ms-2 (C.) 9.80ms-2 (D.) 9.8000ms-2


Then later we stop seeing numbers in our work

Nobody warned me about this (Aye buru)



First Class was the aim ( but it kept looking me like this)



Something keeps telling me that if you want it come and get it


So I decided that i am going to die there

yes, on the line


So I started reading



chai( enter nah)

it is not just entering 


There is still time jare, i can't come and die

lemme shat with all this babes


Then suddenly Exam time table came out

checking my Class Group like this


Me after exams calculating my GP after exams


When you finally have a free period and one lecturer now choose that period to fix class


When the whole
class fail a test  WONDERFUL! -(they cannot kuku fail all of us)

  Another thing  is we have less girls and the one we have self


The one that pained me pass was when my friends in 400level in other department are graduating

Na me fuck up


When all of your family and friends suddenly require your help on household repairs


 and Mathematics

When someone else in your family wants to go study engineering.

okare laye ( omo akin )


BUT really after these few years I concluded that I just want to be a chairman



  1. So so true! Over true dey worry am sef. Weldone daniel๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. Lol, a typical engineering student's ordeal.

  3. Dan eyaff kill me with laughter o....keep it up dear

  4. Lol.Engineering in Unilag has that effect on people

  5. Lmao Daniel...you never cease to kill me

  6. When will you stop being mad Daniel. What did those girls ever do to you?

  7. Another good post. Laughed all through. ����