Sunday, 7 February 2016

top 5 Falentine gifts for your boy friend

Don't lie you know your boy friend have mouth odour buy him close up

Solution:  buy him

 If you are dating a sodeinde boy
why will you date a sodeinde boy self

Well buy him
I swear he won't shit on you

You know how his boxers and singlet  looks when he wants to kim kardashian you
Buy him singlet

If he is your one and only 
Take him out on a date

You can buy him zobo to cut cost

If you boy friend have body odour 


Send to anyone you know that's got a BOO

Thank you for reading and sharing in advance
I am really sorry for not posting regularly, 
my system was faulty and erm really don't wanna fix it but i am getting another one soon
Hope you enjoyed it kindly suggest more gift in the comment section


  1. You this boy will not kill me. Keep up the good work