Tuesday, 22 December 2015


That Room mate that sleeps like this

How you always get to watch if they haven't Remove your charger

How you get to look for the second leg of your bata

That room mate that will just sundili smile when pressing phone

That room mate that will always have one babe gist or the other

ehn ehn?

That room mate that says he hates porn and you see streaming at idaji(dawn)

That room mate that will always change accent when talking to babe
 oga use your real voice

That Random person that will come and borrow hotplate

All this Mumu lovers I see around senate love garden

That person on your wing that can beat every body

Giving Babes eyes in the library

GTB Queue

That Class mate with Mouth odour

Faking laugh for a lecturer's Dry joke

Now we resuming and I am Like